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  • What is a Dividend Pool?

    You BTC365 dividend pool consist of 3 different types of crypto (mBTC / ETH / USDT). A percentage of the revenue we make is distributed into the Dividend Pool

    These revenues distributed into the dividend pool are shared out amongst all our members based on the accumulated BTC365 tokens owned proportionate to the dividend pool

    The dividend pool is made up of;
    1) 10% of all Gross Gaming Revenue
    2) 0.2% of all wagering made

  • What are My Dividends?

    My dividends shows the total amount of BTC365 tokens you own and how much mBTC / ETH / USDT you can claim from the Dividend Pool
    **Tip : Your BTC365 token value fluctuates depending on the revenue of the platform. You may choose to claim it anytime when the value of each token reaches your target value

    Example of how the crypto value is calculated for BTC365 token to mBTC = (Your current tokens / total tokens in pool) * total mBTC in Dividend pool
    *Note: For Sportsbook and Esports , only wagers that are above 0.7 / 1.7 odds will be considered valid and tokens will be generated

  • What is BTC365 token?

    The BTC365 token facilitates the sharing of profits on our platform. You earn BTC365 tokens as you play any games on our platform. The more tokens you accumulate, the larger your stake from our Dividend Pool profits. Use your BTC365 tokens to claim your dividends anytime!

  • How to earn BTC365 token?

    All other currencies wagered is converted to mBTC value to determine how many BTC365 tokens you earn

    A wagering of 1 mBTC earns you 1 BTC365 token

    All crypto conversion to mBTC will be based on (Yesterday’s average price GMT + 8) 
    For E.g. (1 mBTC = 1 mBTC, 1 mBTC = 0.0163 ETH, 1 mBTC = 55 USDT)   If 1 BTC365 token = 60 USDT, 1 mBTC valid wager will generate 1 BTC365 token)  For E.G., if you own 1,000 out of a total of 10,000 BTC365 tokens, you own 10% of the total dividend pool. 

  • How much are BTC365 tokens worth?

    The value of BTC365 token is dependent on the current value of the dividend pool and the number of tokens in circulation.

  • Is there any other way to increase my BTC365 token holdings?

    Currently, you may only earn BTC365 tokens by playing on BTC365 and taking advantage of certain seasonal promotions.

  • When are BTC365 tokens distributed?

    BTC365 tokens are distributed every 15 minutes.

  • Are there any requirements in generating BTC365 tokens base on all successful bets made?

    For Sportsbook and Esports , only wagers that are above 0.7 / 1.7 odds will be considered valid and tokens will be generated
    HK - Odds above 0.7 ( valid )
    Euro - Odds above 1.7 ( Valid )

  • How can I upgrade my VIP level?

    Once you have hit the required Progressive Accumulated Wagering requirements, your VIP level will rank up.

    Do visit the "VIP Lounge" Page for more details.

  • How many levels are there in BTC365?

    There are 28 unique VIP levels to achieve.

  • What benefits will I enjoy as my VIP level increases?

    Your VIP rewards scale as your VIP level increases. You will gain the below rewards being in our VIP Club:
    1) Mining Multiplier - Increases the amount of BTC365 tokens you gain when betting on BTC365
    2) Promote Bonus - A one off bonus credited directly to your wallet when you get promoted to the next VIP level 
    3) Next Month Bonus - A one off bonus credited directly to your wallet the following month you attained your VIP rank. EG: If you reach VIP Rank 5 on March, you will get 10 USDT bonus on the month of April 
    4) Birthday Bonus - Once you have verified your Date of Birth on your profile page, you will enjoy a Birthday Bonus rewarded to you on the day of your birthday.

  • Why did my VIP rank drop?

    Your VIP level drops when you do not meet the required Progressive Accumulated Wagering amount in a 6-month window. For more information, do refer to the "VIP Profile" Page.

  • What is BTC365 VIP Mining Multiplier reward? (coming soon)

    A normal player wagers and gain tokens at a 100% rate from each valid bet.

    As you increase your Level in the VIP rankings, your Mining Multiplier increases accordingly for each new level. The highest Mining Multiplier is 200% at VIP Level 28.

    This means a VIP 28 player will churn double the rate of BTC365 tokens for each successful wager. Doubling his claim from the Dividend Pool!

  • What other VIP benefits can I gain as a BTC365 player?

    Higher VIP level gives you more lucrative rewards and benefits. We have a range of exclusive rewards at the moment such as:
    1) VIP Box Tickets to Sports matches
    2) Rare NFTs
    3) Seasonal Jackpots for exclusive VIP
    4) Top 50 BTC365 tokens polling
    5) Top BTC365 Partners stakeholders polling

  • What Cryptos are supported on BTC365?

    "BTC365 supports the following cryptos:

    1) BTC- Bitcoin (BTC Mainnet)
    2) ETH - Ethereum (ERC-20)
    3) USDT - Tether (ERC-20 & TRC-20)
    4) LTC - Lite Coin

  • I've made a transfer to my BTC365 wallet but the platform balance doesn't reflect that. What should I do?

    Please verify that your transaction has been captured and confirmed on the blockchain. Alternatively, you may contact our customer service through live chat for assistance.

  • Is there a withdrawal/deposit fee?

    BTC365 does not charge for deposits or withdrawals but you will have to bear the usual crypto transaction fees when transferring your crypto to BTC365.

  • How long does it take for withdrawals and deposits to be processed on BTC365?

    "The speed at which your deposits will be credited to your BTC365 wallet depends on the blockchain network. Withdrawals are approved within 5-10 minutes on the platform."

    This process might take longer should we detect suspicious activities with regards to your account, bet records or transaction records

  • What happens if I select the wrong crypto address for my Deposit or Withdrawals?

    Sending Crypto to a wrong crypto address will result in a failed transaction and lost of funds. Please always ensure that you select the right (Network) when making a deposit, and double check your crypto address when making a withdrawal.

  • What happens if I select the wrong crypto network for my Deposit or Withdrawals?

    Sending Crypto with the wrong network will result in a failed transaction and lost of funds. Please always ensure that you are sending the correct type on the correct network.

  • What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can deposit?

    BTC minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC/ 1 mBTC, maximum deposit: no limit.

    ETH minimum deposit: 0.01 ETH, maximum deposit: no limit.

    USDT (ERC-20) minimum deposit: 30 USDT, maximum deposit: no limit.

    USDT (TRC-20) minimum deposit: 10 USDT, maximum deposit: no limit.

    LTC minimum deposit: 0.08LTC, maximum deposit: no limit.

  • What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can withdraw?

    BTC minimum withdrawal: 0.001 BTC/ 1 mBTC, maximum daily withdrawal: 1 BTC.

    ETH minimum withdrawal: 0.01 ETH, maximum daily withdrawal: 20 ETH.

    USDT (ERC-20) minimum withdrawal: 30 USDT, maximum daily withdrawal: 50,000 USDT.

    USDT (TRC-20) minimum withdrawal: 30 USDT, maximum daily withdrawal: 50,000 USDT.

    LTC minimum withdrawal: 0.08 LTC, maximum daily withdrawal: 200 LTC.

    For any special request of withdrawal limits, please feel free to speak to our Customer Service.

  • My balance is missing after have I exited from a game/room

    Do not worry, unless you have lost all your crypto during your bets, otherwise all remaning balance of your winnings are safe. Occasionally it might take some time for the system to update the balance record.

    Should you require assistance, please do reach out to our live chat.

  • How can I register a BTC365 account?

    You can register an account with Facebook, Google, Telegram or with your email.

  • What is the legal age to play on BTC365?

    You must be at least 21 to play on BTC365

  • Is account verification compulsory?

    You have to verify your email before you can make a crypto withdrawal from BTC365

  • How do I reset my password?

    Go to your profile page and click on the "reset password" button

  • Why am I unable to change my Date of Birth?

    We do not allow users to change their Date of Birth after it is set on the profile. Should you require to change your Date of Birth, please contact live chat and provide them with the required verification doccuments such as your Identity Card to verify your Date of Birth

  • Where can I see the available promotions?

    You can find out more about our latest promotions on the Promotions page. We update our promotions frequently, so remember to check back once in a while.

  • How can I participate in a promotion?

    Head over to the "Promotions" page, select a promotion, and follow the instructions to participate. Some promotions are auto applied, while some would require you to click apply to activate that specific promotion.

  • Why I cannot participate in a promotion?

    Please check the restrictions of each promotion. There are also promotions which limits your participation to once per type only, for example Welcome Bonus. If you have claimed it once, you cannot claim a second Welcome Bonus of any other currency nor game type.

    Should you have queries, please contact live chat.

  • What is Wagering Requirement ?

    Wagering Requirement is a common requirement for many of our promotions on BTC365. It basically means how many times you need to bet before you may withdraw your funds.

  • Can I participate in Multiple Promotions at the same time?

    You may participate in as many promotions from different category at once. You may not participate in more then 1 promotion of the same category at any point of time, EG: Welcome Bonus and Reload Bonus. However, you may participate in as many Seasonal Promotions which we may be running at any point of time.

    Pleae do read the Terms and Condition of each given promotion. Should you have further queries, please contact live chat.

  • What is Bet Record?

    Bet Record shows you every single bet you have done on our platform. Details such as which game you have played, how much was your bet, how much was your win/lost, when you place the bet and how much BTC365 Tokens are generated will be shown here

  • Why are some status pending?

    PENDING status is shown when bets are currently on-going or if the account has an impending transactions on the platform. We guarantee that once the bet and other activities are completed, the status will be adjusted to SETTLED.

  • Why my BTC365 Token Generated is 0 despite it being a Settled Bet?

    It takes up to 15 minutes after a settled bet is confirmed before your BTC365 Tokens are Generated.

    For Sportsbook and Esports bets with Euro Odds of < 1.7 and HK odds of < 0.7, no BTC365 Tokens will be Generated.

  • How many days of Bet Record History will be available for me?

    You will be able to view up to 90 days worth of Bet Record

  • What is "Transactions" page for?

    This page shows you every single transaction that happens within your account:
    1) Deposits - every deposit sent into your BTC365's wallet
    2) Transfer - records the transfer of your funds between your main wallet and all game platform/vendor wallets (when you play on BTC365)
    3) Withdrawal - all withdrawals happened on your BTC365's wallet
    4) Bonus - All Promotions and VIP Bonuses will be recorded here

  • How many days of Transaction History will be available for me?

    You will be able to view up to 90 days worth of Transcations

  • Where can I seek help?

    You may contact Customer Service via our Live Chat. Alternatively, you may email us at

    You may also reach out to our Social Media Channels:

    1) Twitter:
    2) Facebook:
    3) Instagram:
    4) Discord:
    5) Telegram:

  • Where can I get the latest BTC365 updates?

    You may follow us on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.


Anti-Hijacking Plug-in (for Windows only)

Instruction: Download the plug-in and double-click the BAT file. Type any key to start until it shows "COMPLETED". ***Prefer try Google DNS first*